Our gallery contains pictures relating to the activities of FID, it's members and friends. There are also links to finds removed from the Community Club Image Gallery which has a size limited database and to our finds for identification page. Many of our pictures will have been seen before because FID has been going since 1982 and we have included hobby images that reflect the passing of time. Enjoy your visit and come back often, if you have a find you would like included for identification, or a picture of something you would like to share with others on the Internet, then please e-mail them to   FID here

Latest pictures 2005-Hoard found at York Rally
August 2005

Norman Smith at the York Rally
(Poplular event organiser)

Colin with Helpers

Coins from York hoard

Colin & Norman

Civil War hoard at York

Complete Hoard York

Civil War Hoard York
All the above photos taken by Colin Hanson (FID Hon Sec).

Bronze age hoard found at Newbury Rally (Sept 2004).

Tony Maz (Maz Detecting Supplies) at York Rally.
Singing for his supper? or just serenading the wife?

   (Detecting in 1980-from a newspaper article 'Detectives or Destroyers?' January 1980.)
Detecting in 1980

For many years FID and the BFMD held a 'fair' at Greenwich in London. As well as being a great day out for detectorists it was also an oportunity to show off our hobby to the public. There were many competitions both for cups and shields but also for very nice prizes. (the last fair was on 20th July 2001, cost, travelling problems, parking etc have put the fairs into suspension for the time being. Below are a few pictures from the last 'fair.

             displays of finds                          individual finds
             Finds on display.

                         Nice individual finds (Millennium Fair).

             General meeting              Dr A.Spence & D.Elliott
             General meeting
                         Dr A.Spence & Derek Elliot.